Smile Bread

Smile Bread was established in 2012 as a friendly neighborhood bakery with a people-oriented mission to bring happiness to everyone. “By making bread base on our own styles and by adding creativity to bread making, we hope to bring some new ideas to the local bread sector. We also have our own pastry room to produce freshly made bread and to train new bakers. Unlike other bakery chain stores, we are giving our young bakers a chance to learn how to make bread.” said Mr. Orr, founder. “Using the best quality ingredients and operating the shop with Heart!”

In order to choose the best materials for Smile Bread, Taste of Asia Group’s purchased globally; flour from Japan, Emmi milk from Switzerland, and wheat from Canada & cheese from Australia. In addition, our Bakery specialists have taken a trip to Japan to learn more about Japanese style bread and let them deliver exceptional quality to our customers.

Besides bakery, Shops located at Hoi Fu Shopping Center & Ap Lei Chau Estates has dinning space for customers to enjoy her bakery and café products.