Café 100%

Café 100% is the flagship brand of Taste of Asia Group and operates with People-oriented Mission to run this business, no matter to have customers, suppliers, co-operation etc. “We put Chinese Character – “人” (People) at our Chinese Brand Name ~ “百份百” , that means we care about the importance of “People” and respect all kinds of our customers. “We have a goal in order to a quality environment and service to the community at reasonable cost.” said Mr. Orr.

With over 100 different types of quality dishes from day to night, Café 100%’s menu provide a wide menu range from western cuisine to traditional Chinese dishes in order to satisfy customers’ need and budget. By the way, Café 100%’s “People-oriented Mission” is to surprise, delight and inspire customers with a unique dining experience. Café 100%’s signature dish – Curry Beef Flank Steak won the King of Catering Awards in 2010 & 2013.