About Us


Mr. Ping Orr, founder of Taste of Asia Group, opened a Hongkong-styled Cuisine named "Café 100%" in 2007, setting the business foundation of the Group.
It was 2007 when Café 100% got her first foothold at Ming Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan O. With contemporary decoration and the mission to promote a pleasant dining experience, Café 100% has evolved from a single outlet to a progressive Hongkong-styled Cuisine chain and, from a single brand to 6 multi-brands, serving over 500,000 customers monthly.          


Taste of Asia Group has grown successfully from a Hongkong-styled Cuisine into a restaurant group with diverse dining types, including Mega Hongkong-styled Teahouse– Café 100% & New Taste, Euro & Japanese Fusion Restaurant – Café de Itamomo, New Style of Chiu Chow Restaurant – T-Pot Bistro, Congee & Noodle Specialist – Tao Yuen, and Euro & Japanese Fusion Bakery & Café – Smile Bread. Mr. Orr believes in the importance of seizing every business opportunity available and building on synergies between the new members and existing operations.  

Café 100% 品牌概念

From the first store of Café 100% , Mr. Orr uses “People-oriented Mission” to run his business, emphasis has been putting on all stakeholders including customers, suppliers and employees. “This management style extends to other brands because we know the importance of “People” and truly care for them. Our goal is to offer a quality environment and good service to the community at a reasonable price.” said Mr. Orr.

Café 100% 品牌概念

Café 100% is the flagship brand of the Taste of Asia Group and operates with “People-oriented Mission”. With the mission behind, we put Chinese Character – “人” (People) at our Chinese brand name -“百份百” , which shows we care about the importance of “People” and expresses the respect we have to all kinds of our customers by offering a comfortable dinning environment at a reasonable price.
With over 100 different types of quality dishes from day to night, Café 100%’s menu provides a wide range of cuisine from western to traditional Chinese dishes in order to satisfy customers’ needs and budget. After all, Café 100%’s “People-oriented Mission” is to surprise, delight and inspire customers with a unique dining experience. Café 100%’s signature dishes – “Curry Beef Brisket” won the King of Catering Awards in 2010 & 2013 & “BBQ Pork” won the King of Catering Award in 2012.


“High quality food at a reasonable price” is our core business concept. “Making the dishes fresh by using special sauces” makes us different from other chain of restaurants. We launch new and creative dishes regularly in order to attract our target customers who mainly are students, youngsters and families.
In terms of décor, we adopt a “modern and fashionable” design with bright lighting system to provide a comfortable environment to our customers. Apart from that, there are elements to enforce environment protection in our restaurants, such us using LED lighting, automated kitchen utensils & appliances, reducing the use of air-conditioning, and lowering the kitchen’s temperature, etc.